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Rental Vehicles… You got it!

So many choices when it comes to renting a vehicle. All depending on what you want need and are looking to invest in.

So you’ve just landed in the city, eh?

Now what to choose from. A popular model that many go to are the for is the Toyota Prius because of the less amount you can get around without having to fill the gas tank. It’s also because it’s more “eco-friendly.” It should be noted that you are expected to return the car with a full tank of gas, or you could be getting a hefty bill from your preferred rental spot.

Also many might go for the Ford Mustang because of it’s drop top and fast acceleration. It’s okay to get a little ‘need for speed’ action on your trip (try not to do anything illegal though… Just a tip!)

Also some might want to be driven opposed to renting a car. And there are a few options that you may want to look at:


The go-to for for most travels to get from point A to point B. Probably the most inexpensive in terms of being driven instead of manning the wheel. You are likely to find taxi services somewhere around you if you are in a major city.

Pros: Quick, effective and inexpensive

Cons: One and done traveling.


If you want full on luxury and you happen to have a crew of people, or just a wad of cash, limousine is always a great choice when you are arriving from a plane ride and wanting to be driven. They can take you from the airport. Cruisin’ in style.

Pros: Lot of space, comfy for 1-10 people

Cons: Costly if you are just going one place

Town Cars

The plush leather of a limo, with the privacy and hands free travel. Particularly good if you are trying to get some business done while you move. Lately there has been a lot of hype of having Tesla Model S as town car rental.

This is just a short list that I put together. Hope it was helpful!

Seattle’s Best Places


I’ve been living in the Northwest my whole life and realized some of the attractions that one would want to view if they ever came up here


This article was inspired by Tripadvisors Things to Do In Seattle.

1. Museum of Flight – There are so many planes that date back from the beginning of flight all the way to current aviation. Really cool if you are a WW2 Buff!

2. Underground Of Seattle - Learn about Seattle’s past, the great Seattle fire of 1889. And how Seattle was built on top of the original city, about one to two stories higher. Very interesting for children and adults alike.

3. Space Needle – The famous trademark of the Emerald City. An observation deck at 520ft high. From the top you can see downtown Seattle and even Mount Baker. Skycity restaurant is also on the inside.

4. Pike Place Market – The original farmers market in the city. Fresh fish and several different store and amusements right by the water.