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August 19, 2006

There's a bear. Where? Over there!

So at level 10 everyone gathered around me because something wonderful was about to happen.


"You can go get your bear form now, Mom. Aren't you excited?"


"Seriously, Bear Form. You should be thrilled to go train and get this."

Pardon me?

Let's hurry and go get it before you log off.


I figured it was really good if they were so happy about it. Yippee! Bear form. (But still.....huh?!)

Okay, but why? Bear? So what? I totally don't get it.

With great patience and a lot of eyerolling, they explained, "In bear form, when you shapeshift into a bear, you increase your attack power by 30! And your armor contribution by 180% (still have no idea what that means, but it sounds like I should be happy), and your health increases by 20."

*blank stare*
"I still don't get it."

"JUST. Do. It!!"

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August 18, 2006

"M" is for Map. "T" is for Thanks for Nothing!

When playing World of Warcraft, there is a handy little feature that one should know about. Especially people like me who become so very lost playing any kind of game (PC, PS2, Gameboy...it doesn't matter) because I forget where I came from or how to get back there. I have no sense of direction in games. (Or in life for that matter, but we are not discussing that right now.)

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This little feature that would be Oh So Handy back at say LEVEL ONE, is that if you hit "M" it brings up a MAP. As in a way to navigate your way around this god-forsaken land. As in I wouldn't have had to get lost, stay only on the very marked roads and never, ever stray from the roads for more than a few steps lest I become lost.

However, at level 9 they tell me.....

"M" is for Map.

Gee, thanks. That would have been helpful NINE LEVELS AGO, guys!

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August 17, 2006

Take every quest...just not EVERY quest

When I hit a level 6 or so (I forgot which, so let's say 6 just to be clear that I was NEW to this) out of 60 levels, Clint went out of town. Sure, most husbands might leave town with a "I'll miss you" or "Good luck with the kids", mine left with, "Be sure to play WoW or you will get out of practice."

"What do you mean 'Play WoW'?! While you are gone? When you are not there to tell me what I am doing? What if...I mean I could...What?!"

Laughing, he told me to chill out and just play. And here is the key phrase that will haunt him (because I will make sure it haunts him!), "Just accept every quest and do them for the practice."

Sure. Got it. Accept every quest. Practice. No problem. Except he left out one very important detail.

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August 11, 2006

Death to all the spiders!

So I accept this quest that takes me to a cave guarded by these spiders that are straight from the pits of hell. Hell I tell you! If I die one more time, the computer goes OUT THE WINDOW! Suddenly, I am not so happy with this friendly game and am cursing Jason for sending it.

Have I mentioned I am in fact an arachnaphobe? So, these big ugly spiders coming my way are NOT making me happy!

In my anger I decide those spiders are going to have to wait to kill me again. I have been instructed by the Males to talk to everyone with a question mark over their head or an exclamation mark. This leads me to Darania Silvershine. Apparently, her friend Iverron has not been around to see her and she is worried. She want me to go....guess where? That freaking spider cave.

I do not like Darania SIlvershine so much.

But even though I am into this for 2 hours, I am too mad to quit.

I managed to get past the spiders. I knew I would die. Die hard. And I did. Several times. But no! Once I manage to get that taken care of, I couldn't find the freaking dude she was so worried about.

Screaming like a woman possessed I started yelling at the Males in the house.


Laughing, they come to my pathetic rescue.

"You know you are never going to make it in this game if you can't get past level 4," my smart ass son said.

"Son, you are grounded. Get out. Mommy loves you, but get out," I reply with all the love of an obsessed gamer mom.

I finished the quest. Logged off in a huff and declared war on the game.

Thankfully it was summertime and the kids were able to have a free for all night as Mom is busy questing.

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August 10, 2006

What's the big deal?

Day One

After naming Marama and getting her as outfitted as I could with the entire family (baby girl included) watching on eager for me to just start playing already, Mom! Basically, I traipse around Teldrassil killing innocent, neutral animals who have no desire to harm me until I go after them. The kids watching me and trying to tell me every move to make is making me crazy! Finally, Clint kicks them out so I can learn how to play.

That's it? All I do is go attack innocent things that look like wolves or something? I have no idea why this game is so engaging. Okay, sure it let's out some aggression, but I cannot see why the male population of my home is so obsessed. I complete the little "kill all innocent animals who wish you no harm" quest.

At this point I feel a bit like the child song, "Little Bunny Foo-Foo, stomping through the forest, picking up the field mice and bopping them on the head." Fun, but why the so aggressive and obsessive?

Are they kidding me? An hour in, I have become lost 3 times, but finished my first quest. The graphics are awesome, but why the rage from the guys in my house playing?

This Mom has work to do, so I log out feeling quite proud of myself.

Which is great because my ass will totally be kicked the next time I play--or so I am told.

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July 23, 2006

May I introduce you to....



Now, I know you are thinking "Marama? How threatening is that name?" Oh, honey, never underestimate a smartass. There is a definite reason behind it. And it is specifically for my good friends at Blizzard.

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July 22, 2006

After hours of labor, the gamer is born

The day my computer was finally made "game ready" to be able to load and play WoW without a lot of lag and headache, the actual game installation began. Did you ever see a 50's sitcome (think I Love Lucy) when the woman is giving birth and the fathers are pacing in the waiting room? Nervous and anxious and oh so ready to meet their little baby? Totally what my house looked like as Clint got the game installed. The boys were pacing and chattering about it.

"What are you going to name your character?
Are you going to be Alliance or Horde?
Do you know what you are going to learn how to do?
Really, names mean everything. Have you thought about it?"

It was really quite amusing to watch. But finally....the labor was over, the delivery complete. We now had a new bouncing baby Gamer in the house. Lord help us all!

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